Stripper Shark Review – Julian Foxx Teaches How to Pick-Up Strippers

Welcome to my review of Julian Foxx’s “Stripper Shark” program.

You may be wondering, can a training program like this actually help me to have sexual relations with a stripper or exotic dancer. And that is a valid question.

While I can’t say for certain if Julian’s Stripper Shark system can work for you, I can just give you my personal opinion and thoughts on it as a guy who has always loved strippers and getting physical with them.

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Have you ever been to a strip club?

If you are a man reading this – and you have been to a strip club, then you probably imagined how awesome it would be to get it on with some of those hot dancers.

And who could blame you!

Those sexy revealing outfits…

Those tight, gorgeous babes with all of that sex appeal oozing out of their pores…

This is why so many guys go to these places night after night and drop all that cash on these dancers – they are hot!

I’m not a fan of spending a bunch of money in a strip club.

But – imagine being able to walk into a club, meet a stripper and then take her home and live out all of your wildest dreams with her…

Without even spending a dime… can you imagine?

I don’t know about you – but that’s always been my dream.

Well thanks to the man, the myth, the legend – Julian Foxx, you can now make that dream a reality.

About Julian Foxx:

One thing to know about Julian is that he is a stripper fanatic. This dude probably loves strippers more than any guy on earth and he’s basically the very best authority in the world on hooking up with exotic dancers.

Now I’m not being rude by saying this – Julian admits he’s nothing special in the looks department, and also admits that he is not well hung. He’s just a dude with an easy method for scoring with sexy strippers all day long!

How Does Julian’s Stripper Shark System Work?

Julian revealed the one thing strippers can’t resist!

It’s men who know how to dominate her frame.

Allow me to explain what this means.

The frame is the significance behind an interaction. For instance, if you go into a job interview the frame is the employer is deciding whether or not to employ you.

Well, once you’re in a strip club, the framework a stripper has is that you’re a potential customer. And she’s going to do whatever she can to separate you from as much of your cash as she can. (Don’t hate, that’s just her job.)

She’ll may flirt and provide signs that she is sexually attracted to you, but it’s only an act. Dancers do NOT hook up with guys who get sucked into their frame.

When you do this it’s a massive turn off to them because they do not want a weak man who submits to their stripper frame.

So instead, you have to control her frame.

And what is your framework, you ask?

It is that you are the man that she wants to get with, but that you are also such a cool guy with so many options that you need to take a minute to feel her out so that you are able to determine if she lives up to your standards.

When you know how to control the frame, it’s like you’ve got stripper kryptonite…

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Inside Stripper Shark you learn everything there is to know about how to pick up strippers.

And the best part is – not only does Julian never invest money in paying for lap dances or that kind of thing, but sometimes these strippers he spends time with actually like spending their stripper money on him!


If you have ever wanted to hookup with strippers then I recommend watching Stripper Shark right now.

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