Attracting Women By Paying Attention To Detail

pretty woman eyebrow ringWhether you are currently pursuing the woman of your dreams or you have been in a relationship for quite some time and you feel that the flame needs some rekindling, welcome. You have come to the right place. To get straight to the point, when it comes to women, there is one thing that you really need to keep in the forefront of your mind: paying attention to detail. Yes. You read that right – when it comes to the opposite sex, attention to detail is essential.

What exactly does this mean? Well, if you want to woo a woman or catch her attention, you will have to put in the work. This means being very attentive when it comes to her physical appearance, her emotional state, and her verbal and non-verbal cues. Be sure to constantly compliment her on her hair, her clothing, and her beauty.

Some of the most interesting an overlooked details you will want to look for are her “micro-expressions”. These are split second facial expressions that women make that you can use to know exactly what they are thinking at any given moment. The science behind reading micro-expressions was developed a Dr. named Paul Eckman, but for our purposes the best tutorial on the phenomenon is a mini-course entitled “The Science Of Micro-Expressions” by seduction and dating expert Jon Sinn.

I addition look for clues by asking questions to the women you are trying to date or are already. Ask her how her day went. Inquire about her thoughts and opinions. Take her into your arms when she is feeling down. You might just be surprised at far how these seemingly small gestures will take you in your relationship. Chocolates, flowers and sweet notes won’t hurt either every now and then. I promise, the rewards will definitely be worth it.

Lastly, remember that women are much more concerned with details than men are, so keep up on the little things that most guys overlook like trimming your finger nails regularly, wearing a nice smelling (but not over-powering) cologne, and keeping your clothes pressed and in good order. These things seem rather unimportant to most men, but when you are trying to win a woman’s love, these things are definitely worth paying attention to!

Use Unlock Her Legs To Get the Woman of Your Dreams

They say that the dating world is just like the wild. You have to act like a predator or lose your chances. Whatever people say about dating, the truth is that everyone has a chance at getting what they want. Lots of men, no matter how tough they look, seem to lack some things whenever they face a woman they really desire. Nowadays there are actually whole guides on how to improve with women, like this one in this Unlock Her Legs review that make everything a lot easier. The trouble is that some guys just are to cheap or lazy to invest in themselves and to learn this important material.

I’m not sure why guys are so reluctant to educate themselves fully, but whatever the reason it is a shame. That being said sometimes it is best to start out by learning just a few simple concepts, so I have written a few for you below on what it takes for a man to get the woman of his dreams. Who knows, maybe these three tips that could help you start on your journey to find her.

Be confident. Confidence is a must. Excess or lack of it could be harmful to you. Know what you’re good at and flaunt it. Know your areas for improvement and work on it. When you face someone, show that you’re good for something. Stand up straight and speak clearly. Become the man that she’d want to meet with again and again. Show her what you’re good at. Whether it’s something nerdy or something brawny, don’t be afraid to show a woman your stuff. Women like to feel secure and they will feel that when they see a man who knows his stuff.

Be secure. Speaking of security, women look for men who are sure of themselves. Then again, don’t act too sure. The key to winging it in the dating game is to keep it in the happy middle. Don’t exaggerate and don’t underestimate. Whatever it is you have, be secure with it. Live with it. Women like seeing men who are very comfortable with themselves. This makes them feel that they can hang and share their thoughts with you. If you’re in the dating game for the long run, be comfortable in your own skin.

Build yourself up. Confidence and security come from a place where you know that you’ve done well for yourself. Don’t be afraid to improve yourself even in the little things. If people have been calling you out on your clothing choices, do yourself a favor and find clothes that suit you. Or if people have been noticing a quirk that keeps them from approaching you, do something about it. If you want to find a great girl, be a great guy. Take a chance. Maybe you’ll also surprise yourself in the process.

With these tips, you’re well on the way to becoming an eligible bachelor. Be proud and be your better self.

How to Pick Up Younger Women For Guys Over 35

What a lot of guys fail to realize is that picking up younger women is actually pretty simple. As an older guy, you’ve got a lot going for you that younger guys don’t have.

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Namely, you’ve got experience, a career, and the confidence and monetary resources that go along with that. These are very valuable assets in the eyes of any woman. It’s no secret that women mature faster than men. Therefore, when you run into a woman who happens to be twenty-one, you can be damn sure she’s sick of hanging out with broke, buffoonish frat boys who still act like they’re fifteen and enjoy hanging with their bros more than the company of a sexy young lady.

So, what does all this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means that if you understand these things, you will pick up on the fact that a woman of that age is craving for a mature man who can treat her right, take her to nice places, engage in some thoughtful conversation, and most importantly teach her things in the bedroom most young guys simply can’t. On that last point, let’s be real here, most guys in their early twenties have no idea how to please a woman. It isn’t until you get older and gain some experience that you really now how to be a good lover.

Anyway, let’s get down to some details on this. For starters, you need to use your age and position in life as an asset, not something to be embarrassed about. One of the major reasons why the idea of an older man appeals to a younger woman is that he is ostensibly confident in his position in life. So, if you realize that, you’ve almost won the battle! In sum, you need to approach a younger women with the knowledge that your years of experience and the confidence that comes with that shines through. When you combine that with the fact that you have the means to wine and dine the object of your desire, you’re absolutely golden. Let’s face it, most guys in their early twenties can barely afford to take their date out to the local bar.

Of course there are some guys like the author of this article on dating younger women who will tell you its a bad idea… Here’s my take on these guys: they can’t date younger women and therefore they don’t want anybody else to either. It’s sad, but some married men are so miserable in their relationships that they have nothing better to do than to try to persuade their fellow men from enjoying themselves. Whatever you do, don’t listen to these guys, they probably couldn’t date women in their 20s even when they were in their 20s, and don’t listen to women over 30 who may try to advise you on this subject either, for reasons that should be obvious.

In the end, if you remember these facts and use them to your advantage, you’re going to be pleased with the results indeed!

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